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McSweeney’s is the Canadian Brand of Meat Snacks. We are honoured to be part of this vast country of proud and caring people and to produce a product that’s made here at home.

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McSweeney's Beef Jerky, Steak Strips and Steak Nuggets are made with 🍁100% Canadian Beef 🍁 When you purchase these products, you are helping to support Canada's ranching and farming families.

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Proudly Canadian

For the past 25 years, McSweeney’s has proudly provided Canadians with delicious meat snacks made with care.

We come from modest beginnings and have developed into a brand that’s trusted coast to coast.

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  • McSweeney’s offers a range of flavours; From salty to sweet and just the right amount of heat, we have a snack for every craving.

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  • Best snack for road trips

    L’il Peps are my favs!!! The perfect summer snack (who am I kidding, they are good every season!)

    - Jami from Langley, BC


  • Thanks from a Canadian Farmer

    As a third-generation rancher, I appreciate that McSweeney’s supports Canadian cattle farmers.

    - Gary from Calgary, AB.


  • Always in my hockey bag

    Everyone on my team always asks why I have McSweeney’s Jerky at practice. 9 times out of 10, after trying mine, they start bringing their own.

    - Phil from Medicine Hat, AB.


  • Don't forget the McSweeney's meat snacks

    Let's just say, I learned this lesson the hard way. The camping trip was not the same. We love McSweeney's!

    - Silvia & Darren from Regina, SK.


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