Official Partner of the WHL

Official Partner of the WHL

McSweeney’s Premium Jerky & Meat Snacks is proud to announce that we will be the Official Meat Snack of the Western Hockey League and their Canadian Fans!

We’re excited to enter into a sponsorship relationship with the Western Hockey League based on our mutual appreciation and support for the game of hockey and for grass root hockey fans across this great nation.

At McSweeney’s, we focus on producing the best tasting meat snacks worthy of those real Canadian “friend-sharing” moments. As a hockey league, the WHL presents such high caliber hockey that it too brings together friends to share in a real Canadian experience. We believe that together, we’ll be able to make this real, grassroots Canadian experience even better. With the WHL and McSweeney’s principles of Community, Families, Canadian and Wholesome lining up it seemed like the perfect fit!

The McSweeney’s, WHL partnership will provide fans with an opportunity to win and sample premium, best tasting meat snacks throughout the season.

Find out more about the WHL by visiting their website and keep up to date with their latest news and events on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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